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Funding opportunity 1: Leader for research in digital twinning for decarbonising transport

EPSRC launched a funding opportunity on 30 November 2022 to select a leader for research in digital twinning to support the decarbonisation and improved integration of the transport systems in the UK.

This is the first stage of a 2-stage process designed to launch a new large-scale, interdisciplinary EPSRC research hub that will tackle key digital twinning research challenges to support and accelerate the UK transport systems’ transition to zero emissions, improve integration across the systems of transport and support economic growth.

Use the collaboration finder to help build your network with like-minded individuals and organisations in the digital twinning and transport space.

To find out more about this EPSRC funding opportunity and key dates, please click here.

Funding opportunity 2: Develop a UK digital twinning research community with a NetworkPlus

On 12 January 2023, UKRI launched a funding opportunity to establish a UK research community with a NetworkPlus to address the research challenges in digital twinning, complementing the existing industry-led multisector digital twins community. 

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To find our more about this funding opportunity, please click here.


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